Free Top 100 High Pr Directory Submission Sites List 2017 ~ 5000 Directory Submissions for SEO

What Is Web Directories?

Before Google whenever people want to know about something they used to go to web directories to find relevant information because web directories are full of useful resources from all over the web but thanks to Google which provides great information with a click of a button
Directory Submission Sites List 2017

Why It Is Important To Do Directory Submission in SEO?

As said earlier directory submission helps in SEO and will increase your page rank also you will get do follow backlinks It’s must must do for bloggers who have just started blogging and not knowing much about SEO You can also increase your blog or website rankings significantly by submitting to various web directories

Free or Paid Directories?

If you have just stared blogging then there is no need to go for paid directory submission as there are many free directory to submit your blog It will take approximately 4 to 5 days to get accepted and your blog will get listed in their directory Later if you have budget you can go for paid submission like yahoo listing but no need to do in my opinion 

What I have To Do To Submit Blog To Directory For SEO?

You just have to find a particular category which suits your niche and which you think is most appropriate for your blog, digg as much deep as possible for more exposure 
For submitting blog, when you find a particular category simply you have to clicksubmit a link or Add website and put your blog URL That’s it and you are done so lets start the tutorial to submit your blog or website to directory for free

How To Do Directory Submission For SEO Tutorial?

Now you must be thinking that there are so much web directories all over internet how to find and submit to best for gaining more SEO benefits and exposure then you don’t have to worry just you have to find directory submission list and click one by one and start submitting your blog
1) Go To Directory submission sites list
2) Now open any site which you want your blog to submit for example I am going to to walk you through this tutorial
3) First choose a relevant category for your blog as there are many categories just choose best category fit for your blog as you can see in below screen shot

Free Directory Submission For SEO
4) Once you find relevant category go ahead and simple click on submit link to submit your blog let me show you how
5) For my blog I choose Website building which is best for my niche after clicking you will see page like below Now I am choosing Tutorial as I am showing blogging tips to bloggers and is more relevant


6) After this simply click on Add link

7) Now just fill your blog URL, Title and Description and you are done with submitting your blog to directory similarly you can do it for other sites as well 

Final Tips-

So this is the tutorial to directory submission in SEO, I hope you like and please share with your friends who are not aware of directory submission as this will help to increase your blog rankings in search engines as well as it will really very beneficial for your Blog SEO So go and submit your blog to few web directories and keep blogging


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