What benefit Freelancers offers to choose freelancing ?

No any middleman for communication

What happens when someone is working at the company is very apparent, One invisible gap generates between employee and the main person for whom the  employee is working as that position is taken by a receptionist or team leader as a result employee not getting hundred percent clear answers to his/her query that results into low efficiency in work.
Whilst when it’s matter with freelancing client often talks with one who is doing work of freelancing that results in clear view and high efficiency as no barrier of communication.


What happens in the company is that employees are performing different task on the same project and when one project is completed and another one have again assigned to them, they already have different tasks to do, that decreases steadily.
Whilst freelancer can work with more steadiness on one project unless it takes other projects.


Of companies when it matters to work it needs to be passed through bundles of approvals from its management, after only that work get done which takes a lot time in completing any work.
Whilst a freelancer doesn’t need to pass out such management approvals, it means things can do faster.

Price Savings

Companies offer wide space to work with all facilities but at the end that are added to organizations cost only, it means additional cost to a company that is only added to clients’ payment.
Whilst freelancer does work from home having a low cost relatively with the companies offers low cost to clients for doing the same work which companies do.

Delicate Relationships

Freelancing offers one to one dedicated relationship to both a client as well to freelancer. From a client’s view they develop a good relationship to the freelancer to make them understand what actually they want to be done.

Whilst from a freelancer’s view a good relationship gives more business from the client to be done as well references in addition to understanding a client in depth means it makes easier to do the work of that client that makes his/her job easier

Freelancing services for SEO which we are offering for your easiness.

On Page Optimization  

  • Keyword Research         
  • Website & Competitive Analysis               
  • Optimization of Meta Tags, Title tags, Description tags, Keyword & Image alt Tags            
  • Content Optimization- Implementation of H1/H2 & Bold tags to Content              
  • XML Sitemap Creation, Submission & Authentication for Google, Yahoo & Bing 
  • Robots.txt Implementation        
  • W3C Validation
  • Google Analytics Setup                

Off Page Optimization  

  • Local business listing      
  • Manual Search Engine Submission          
  • Manual Directory Submission    
  • Link building       
  • Link exchange [one way, reciprocals, three way]
  • Article Writing and submission
  • Press Release distributed
  • Forum / Blog Posting and blog content writing
  • Social Book Marking       
  •   Classifieds Submission
  •  ppt and pdf submission
  •  Creating Groups such as Yahoo, Google etc.             

Social Media Optimization      

  • Facebook Page
  • Pinterest            
  • Flicker  
  • Google+ page    like..etc

We are Offering Content writhing for :

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Websites
  • Press Release

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