What are the best SEO tricks for 2017

1. There is no need to write new articles often. It is more important to work on their promotion, but if you combine both – frequent writing and further promotion - (like Neil Patel did), the results can be stunning! However, you won’t be able to do this alone. You need a team.

2. The Title is always descriptive and consists of no more than 56 characters.

3. Experts use subtitles H2-H3 many times and often. H1 is always used only once!

4. The main keyword density should not be high, but still, these words must be present.

5. It is extremely important to add as many relevant words, LSI and synonyms as possible.

6. The tags STRONG, EM, LI are always used. They are used much and often!

7. Competent internal link structure. Experts always put most internal links to the key pages with the highest traffic.

8. There will often be the exact match of the keyword +partial in the anchors from internal pages.

9. You should always use outbound links. On the average, the expert refers to 35 other sites in his/her article.

10. There is one image for every 100 words in the text of the article!

11. Few if any people write an Alt tag. Apparently its impact is very small.

12. Nearly always URL will be SEO Friendly

13. Everyone has broken links.

14. A very fast web hosting! VERY!

15. Responsive design.

16. On the average, the length of the expert’s article is 3,840 words! They don’t write less than that in the internet marketing nowadays:)

17. There are hundreds of links to each of the top pages.

18. External links’ anchors are only natural!

19. Twitter always gets most sharings, running second to it is Facebook. But it is clearly seen that these sources of traffic are not given proper attention. The pay-off is too little. Only 1-2% of your subscribers see your information.

20. The number of likes does not affect the positions in Google, only indirectly.

21. Most attention is paid to guest posts in the off-page SEO strategy. All experts at the beginning of their careers wrote dozens or even hundreds of guest posts.

22. The most important thing is Friendship between experts. They always support each other, put links, share each other’s articles in their social media.

 Seo Tips and tricks 


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