High PR Directory Submission site list 2016 for Health and medical

Welcome to the Eshwarseo.blogspot.com, Hear I am sharing Niche Directory Submitting Sites list for  health & Medical and fitness web directory list 2016. All the directories on this list meet the search engine friendly requirements for Directory Critic and one of the best part of niche directory submission list 2017, you can summit your health website to relevant web directory submission site list and it will very beneficial for your website back link and Google ranking improvement, We encourage all our visitors to rate the directories they submit to these websites list

High PR Directory Submission site list 2016 

#Directory NamePRType
1ADA Pool Lift Installers Directory1Free
2Health Directory OnlineN/AFree
3Dental Direct3Free
4Dance Directory2Free
5Jax Medical Directory2Free
6Mike Andrews1Free
7Be Visible on Health Web Directories0Free
8Be Visible on Health Directories0Free
9Be Visible on Health Directories0Free
11Get Links from Indexed Health Web Directories1Free
12Get Links from Cached Health Directories1Free
13Get Featured on Health Web Directories1Free
14Gain Visibility on Health DirectoriesN/AFree
15Free List of Useful Health Sites0Free
16Free Advertising for Health Resources0Free
17Directory of Quality Health Sites0Free
18Collection of Top Quality Health Sites0Free
19Collection of Quality Online Health Resources0Free
20Categorized List of Health Websites0Free
21Benefit from Submitting to Health Directories0Free
22Benefit from Quality One-Way Health Links0Free
23Benefit from Links in Health Directories0Free
24Be Visible on Health Web Directories0Free
25Niche Health Links Directory0Free
26Health Info Junction - Niche Health Directory0Free
27Directory of Great Health Sites0Free
28SEO Friendly Health Directory0Free
29Hand-Picked Health Links0Free
30Healing Links - Free Health Directory0Free
31Ares HealthN/AFree
32Jack Cole - Niche Health Links Directory0Free
33Delaine Isaac - Niche Health Directory0Free
34Directory of Great Health Sites0Free
35Diego Bernard - SEO Friendly Health Directory0Free
36Infima - Hand-Picked Health Links0Free
37Tranquil Wellness - Free Health Directory0Free
38Health Care Directory0Free
39Health and Medical Listings Free
40Live Health Search Free
42Medicine EDU Backlinks Free
44Eternity of Spirit Directory1Free
45Chiro Insight0Free
46Health and Beauty Listings4Free
47Health Directory0Free
48All Health Niche DirectoryN/AFree
49Natural Health Directory Free
50Health and Fitness Directory4Free
51Free Medical Directory1Free
52Free Health Directory2Free
53Medical Science Free
54AbiLogic Beauty & Spa DirectoryN/AFree
55UK Medical Websites Free
56Dermatology Doctors4Free
57Fertility Treatment0Free
58Health & Medical Directory Free
59Rad Kid3Free
60TamilNadu MedicallToursim directory Free
61Maxx Herbal Directory Free
62Medical Market Directory0Free
63Greater Dentistry Directory3Free
64CallMedic.com Directory of Medical Resources1Free
65Health Fitness Directory4Free
66Health Directory2Free
67Psychology resources2Free
68Health Directory5Free
70Softz Health Directory Free
71Portal 4 Health Free
72Health Directory.org0Free
73Health Resource DirectoryN/AFree
74Index Healthy2Free
75Healthy Directory Free
76Health Directory Free
78Health & Beauty DirectoryN/AFree
79Alternative health directoryN/AFree
80Nafwa Free
81Net Health Directory Free
83Directory Med0Free
84ABC.MD | Medical DirectoryN/AFree
85Pregnancy Directory Free
86U9X.net Free
87Dr Query3Free
88PsychLinks Mental Health Directory4Free
89Medical Directory Online Free
90Health Directory Diet Links0Free
91Highlight Health4Free
92World Health HQ Free
93eMediNews Health Directory1Free

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